Monday, February 1, 2010

Saying Good Bye to Yukio.

Yukio is my 3rd Claire, she complete the triplet for the gang to joy the clones Christmas Party (click the link on the last line for more awesome screenie!). I said Good Bye to her today and said Welcome to BitterSweet, a merched Expert female musk. I had a hard time letting Yukio go but I always wanted a second musk and the idea of leveling another one to expert is just... plain awful... And before I traded her out, I got pit to promise that if he ever get his two unknown ores, I will have his Claire! <3 pit.

BitterSweet was named so because it was 'bitter' for me to let Yukio go, but it was 'sweet' to welcome her to the family. Not to mention, she added one more level to the family :D.

For Yukio, it was fun while it last. I always love it when people like "zomg three Claires" when I ran by them. I will miss running around town with 3 (pedo)Bear Workes too :(. I even named the bears Clayton, Kyle and Justin. Yukio's bear was Kyle. I know half of the people think I'm an idiot for having 3 of Claires, but hey, it's my game, I play it my way, no rejection >;D.

However, I'm glad that Yukio is in good hand. She's now a member of Kumi's Family from Femme*Fatales. She was renamed Reina, as in Reina Tanaka from Morning Musume, which I found rather funny because one of my other Claire name is Reeny (rin-ny). A cool coincidence :D? Here is a shot with the new sister before she leaves the triplet~

Since the start, I've always keep all my UPCs, Yukio is the first one to go, and she will always be remember as a part of the family. Below are some more screenie to remember her by.~

Lol@ the last screenie, someone actually came over and tried to click on my Claires, then I said "hi" and he said "O.O I thought you were some new NPCs." It was fun :P


Rosenkruiz said...

Lol I see pits and you are still playing. Seems you've gone pretty far in this month and a half. Anyways, have fun and say hi to pits for me.

Amalielle said...


Rosenkruiz said...

Haha, dancing with the wolves on mid winter nights I guess. How are things going? I see you've found the other Rosie lol. Hopefully, whatever surprise G1 has for the spring better be good, then I just might come play again (better be a free grenmah for everyone).

Amalielle said...

Yes, I made friend with the replacement Rosie thinking he was you when you're still around. Then when you're gone and he's still there I started to wonder if it's the same person. I asked in the group chat and it turn out that your name is spell "kruiz" and his is "creutz". Totally unrelated to each other xD.

Everyone is good, Oakie and Bank is still around. Lustful and Lenhoff came back to visit us the other day. But other than that the rest of the old gang is gone. Hopefully 3.4 will come later this month. Come by and visit us sometime ;D. Oakie wanted to say hi to you earlier when I yelled to him "OMG THE ORIGINAL ROSIE LEFT ME A COMMENT ON THE BLOG" . Haha <3

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