Monday, February 22, 2010

What happen the pass few weeks~

Sorry on not updating on what happen to my life and sword family haha.. lately i've just been rambling non stop about random stuff. Things are happening, the 19hrs schedule had finally step up and slapped me in the face >:(. Everyday, I have class all morning, then a little break, then Lab all afternoon.. non stop. It's not so bad, until exams start to come.. then I got pwnt.. bad xD. Last Friday when I finish with my last exam.. my brain was doing nothing other than screaming for help... And you know you're tired, when you start talking like this

I've been lvling some char, the delvled musk, BitterSweet is finally reach expert, again xD. Glorious the Scout is now Lvl 10 Vet ~. I started to level my Catherine and Angie lately, I named them Lovely and SweetPea,respectively~. It's really fun seeing them go boom boom pew pew everything on the way :o! best thing about Angie in AA is that her cannons hit hidden mob!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Treasure dude die without me chasing them, muahahaha. Oh, and becauce of the cannon, I max out my spell effect while playing, look so cool~

I also attended the Monthly Spin Event from Femme~. It was so fun xD.. not much ever beat spamming spinelles. We had quite a lot, took about 30min or so total for 13 of us to kill them all. Thank you violet and the rest to make it awesome. I had fun haha xD. Here is some of us, somebody overslept so she's not in it :o!

Hm.. 7pm.. I better go do some homework >.<.

Happy Gaming~


Kurai-tsurugi said...

hehehe... that was me who overslept xD

Amalielle said...

Yah, bad Kurai :o *spank*

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