Saturday, February 13, 2010

Omg there is alot to say!

After one full week of fully devotion to school, I have not have anytime to put any of those awesomeness down. Since it's weekend, I will try to catch up haha. First thing first, let me remember what all happened. I'm an old lady now, the memory might go bad >.<
  1. pitsco finally have his first expert :o! Congratulation to pit :D
  2. I went to Bellem Relic by myself, woot. Defeated a lame Fallen Champion, and looted a lvl 84e Staff of Sigmurgh and a BLANK Defend Controller from the chest. FAIL!
  3. I killed a couple of Angler with all crappy drops.
  4. I got another Symbol of Aries (3 totals) from Chimera, and no Pisces or Taurus from Lantem and Treasure Golem :(!
  5. Libra Symbol drop from the 3rd Dream Blade that I ever see ~ YAY. I only kill two total thou, the first one was KSed by some random person >.<
  6. I got mad of the general public over the Valentine Event Lol.
That was some summary of it. Other than that, most of last week were spent afking (who doesn't) I could not afford to me around much since school is demanding too much of my attention. The highlight of the week however, was the somewhat abnormal and unfair Valentine Event. I said "unfair" because:
  1. The G1 asked for a Heart Spray, which was only available SOME YEARS ago. When I pmed him to ask about where would I get Heart Spray now, the answer was "they drop from Bellem Box." Oh boy... how wrong he was .. he doesn't know I almost name this blog "The Journey of Bellem Queen" because I spent way too much time spamming bellem boxes...Just kidding xD.. that was just some sarcastic comment :P.
  2. The reward for participating the event was AM boxes.. which were drop directly on the ground. That was another wrong decision to made because two person end up getting all the boxes. One get 17boxes, the other get 12 boxes... and the rest of us got none >;(.
So that was fail, however, the Fails were fixed (!?) this moring. First, the Heart Sprays were given out to the player in Auch C1 (by dropping on the ground lol). The G1 specified that each person should only loot one <-- LIKE THAT WILL WORK, but hey, they fixed the Heart Spray problem. Second, after some of us fail to loot AM boxes yesterday, 2 boxes were given out to all of those who were there and didn't get any.

When the G1 dropped Heart Spray FOR the players who WANT to participate in the event, which meant IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO DO IT, KEEP THE HELL OUT. Why the heck did you looted it and broaded "WTS Heart Spray, I hate Valentine," then 20 more other broaded "I hate Valentine TOO." What the hell, then go to a corner and suck it up, don't show you freaking face in Auch and lag everyone else. Thank you every much. <- Yes, I totally said that.

I did not participate in the later event with the Heart Spray added because of the rage that is going on on broad. You know what, if i want hearts, can just Photoshop it in, just like this!

My hearts are way better see! Heart Spray is over rated!! By the way, that's me and JetBl4ck, the only two who saw the real meaning of this event~.

At the end, I got 2 AM boxes. I knew AM boxes are notorious for dropping Wheel of Destiny, which I already had like 7.. and so...

.. And I think that worked! I didn't get any WoD, I got 5 Triumph Fillers and an Andre's Box xD.

Ah well, so much for that. Here is some inside joke, which you might not get ;D

Mysterious Man vs. Secretive Woman


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