Saturday, February 6, 2010


After five long months of playing this game. I finally manage to expert one (!!) of my chars. WOOT!

I actually had her finished training early afternoon. I was going to promote her at night time so people can congratulate me (<- >:D). But! As I ran back to the Marsh to lvl my other two.. not looking, and I saw something passed by my screen that look like a scorpion tail, I looked and it was Angler O.O. So I went and grab Sweet (Amalielle), promote her real fast (but because there is no body online, so the only two who congratulated me were Oakie and Behemut :(), then together with my fighter (Bealtiful) and scout (Glorious), I took down my first Angler >;D. I was hoping to get something good, but here is what happened.

And it only dropped some chips >.<. I also got a Dced in the middle of killing it too with Oakie helping to kill it at the end.

As I was leveling in the Marsh (easier for afking than Underground), I realize I had some new stalker :o! And this time I caught him on the move >;3

Everyone look out for the man with triplet Claudes!!! >;D

As the days go by, the team kinda just stuck with leveling. I leave the spot every now and then to kill some mini bosses and the amount of Vis in my pocket had been under 10mil vis for almost two weeks now, other than that, not much else is happening. I also tried to kill Dark Celberos with 2 of my Vets and one pre-vet char, that didn't go too well xD. After I fail to kill Celberos,I wonder into Sekhmet house and forced Glorious to take some screenie with Sweet~. He didn't want to :(, too much for a gay scout... but the force had work it magic! And here is the result~

Somehow, I like that shot a lot :D, remind me of the song Ring of Fire. Love is a burning thing, it makes a fiery ring~

That's it for now. I hope 3.4 come around soon so I can have new costume and a week long of exp buff~.

Happy gaming!


Ashardalon said...

Congrats. So who's next for expert? Scout, fighter, or elementalist?

Anonymous said...

Huge gratz from trio stalking Claudes on first expert!

Amalielle said...

Woot, Thanks GUys <3<3

@Ash: I'm lvling the deleveled musk back to expert. She's about 120% away to go back to expert. Then my Scout is next in line with another 150%. My Ele is kinda lagging being vet Lvl 8 only :(~

@Tucker: Oh crap xD.. you found that screenie *run away*

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