Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I *heart* Sword

Out of boredom, I decided to join the I <3 Sword event on the forum. Which, I didn't win xD, but I knew since the beginning that I didn't made a "card" as the topic ask for, I just want to summit something that I made, self promotion, harhar xD. Here are the list of the Winners if you're interest, Ash won second place yayyy~. I personally think Ash win because my good influence on him. His romanticness and talent grew, just as he hang around the very magnificent and drop-dead gorgeous Ama Hahahaha !!

Either way, here is my entry~ Full Size Version

However, I got 500Gold just for participating in it :o! There is not much to spend with only 500, just enough for me to buy tissue to sneeze on in this weather. I first wanted some new costume since I also have left over gold from the last Premium Package, but pits freaked out and told me "OMG AMA, you have enough costume already!".... kinda true >.<... in average, I spent about 3000-4000 gold a month on costume >.> *cough*... personal obsession..

I then decided I will play with lady luck instead, time to spam OopS boxes! I bought 3 boxes from the 500 gold :D! And here is the stoof that come out:
  • 2x Lvl 100 chips
  • Ancient Area Pass
  • and Ancient Area Pass >.>

It break even I guess, the loots worth about 50mil ish. Oh well, more time smacking mudmen for me =3.

Oh and something sad just happened >.<, I was trying to buy Gold this morning to be ready to spam boxes for PanPan pet, and ugh.. I typed the password for my credit card wrong three times, and now it's blocked from all transaction (offline/online) :'(. I had to called my bank to unblock it, and they make me tell them the password for the bank account, since I'm not there physically. And... I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PASSWORD FOR THE BANK IS *CRIESSSS* ='( It's something that I made up 6 years ago >.<. But luckily, since I was so young when I had that account, my dad have to co-sign it with me, so he have to come over to the bank later today to get them to unblock it T__T.

So now I'm literary broke, both offline and online.. I have $20 on me and 2mil vis in game /facedesk. It's almost class time again, gonna go get ready, gotta look pretty when I go out now since beauty and gorgeousness is the only thing I have left ~

*rofl xD*


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