Wednesday, February 3, 2010

zOmg I almost reach Expert!

*stick head out of a mountain-high stack of paper*

*fix glasses*

xD.. ok that was just a random image. I kinda have to have a image for every blog I write. Due to constant lvling lately to get my Sweet (Amalielle) to expert, I hasn't been running around to take screenie :'(. She almost there !

But yah.. I'm sitting on a pile of paper, after some hard effort.. I finally manage to learn how to read an IR spectra. It's all about recognizing the dang peaks >.<. I'm such an idiot... ---> *click here*

My life for the last 3days is completely boring if you ask me. I do nothing but sleep, study, eat, shower, sleep, study, eat , shower.. repeat. Come to think of it.. I need a shower...Just kidding xD. Next week will be busy since the first the first load of exams are on their way. Meh, I will chop them down like my fighter chop mudmen!

Anyway, bed time. Another random lovely shot, I've been hiding this since Christmas because I thought it was cheesy xD. But whatever!

The Ele is me, the fighter is ... em.... ugh.. ah.... is.....


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