Sunday, February 7, 2010

A day to celebrate~~

  1. I celebrate because for the first time in 3 months, my storage slot have go under 500/500. WOOOOOO!
  2. I celebrate because for the 1st time, pit notice that we have more people online in group chat xD!
  3. I celebrate because it's the Super Bowl Sunday, even though I don't really watch football *dance dance* (~^.^)~ ~(^.^~)
And for all of that, time to spam some spinelles ! *dance*

That was today, because I said that I will only be updated this durin the weekend so I tried to spread what happen in a week of time into two posts haha. Other wise it would be too much rambling.. and no one would be reading my blog. NOOOOOOOOO o(;_;)o

Out of the blue, I decided that I want to join Femme*Fatales. I really don't know why I did it.. maybe the name look cool! Or because I read about it as an all female clan before, or because Kumi is in it.. hmmm. Maybe the combination of all :D. And because I was in the clan, I started to go to Faction Fight, just for fun and buff. The first day I was there, there was only me O.O.. I ran around a bit, then stuck in the little map in the middle with no way out T__T.. I was just standing there .. and out of no where appeared Tucker, who opened the warp to get us out of there.. He's really everywhere I am o.o. At the end, I managed to reach the colony and took some screenie :P.

This week, is suppose to be use to train my fighter a bit in AA. Two days ago, instead of activating an AA pass.. I did to an FA pass instead >.<. So used 12hrs of it to solo Soso in Joaquin FA, I end up with her Lvl97 and two piece of prison fake. Thanks Van_Frost for letting me borrow the Gaiters <3. The other 12hrs was spent in Torche's to level Ed and Romina, gaining them 12lvl each. While I was there, I notice something interesting, six Najib anyone ;D?

*the sixth one is behind the scout* xD! I thought that was awesome!! More Clones!!!

Also this week, one of the old player quit this game, not because he was bored thou, he told me he needed some more time with his family. That was a good enough reason, not /ragequit ;D. Before dragonkeeper left, he gave out his belonging to his friends and the public. I was there when he drop the rings in Auch Ch1.

I didn't really try to pick up any of the loots, but my tiger - Ridge was out and managed to loot some of the rings anyway xP. Wish dragonkeeper all the best~

And as I was writing this, pit is going through a panic because he just sold his 84e armor to npc >.>. Poor pit :(, hope you would get another one soon. I would help if I'm not so broke myself *sniff*.


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