Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The REAL Changes in Cash Shop/Feso Shop

Evora had its maintenance yesterday night, the Cash Shop and Feso Shop is updated to what I (<- I!) believe is the changes that will see in the future.

PLEASE IGNORED EVERY YOU SEE IN THE SCREENIE I PREVIOUSLY POSTED HERE. And please do not kill me for killing your happy thought, the one that you thought you can buy Premium Home Service for 1.8mil Feso >.>

Here are the changes.

Package Tab - There's nothing new xD

Temporary Tab - Home Premium Package Added

Consumables Tab - Portmanteau III added

Others Tab - (Very Overpriced) Pigling + Wing COupons + Master Scroll added. The Upgrade Accelerator, Mysterious Powders and Enchants Booster is still selling in pack of 20s. Great stone price goes down if you buy in pack, 1.7k Gold per 20 stone.

There's no changes in Feso Shop, all the CS Item WILL NOT be sell in Feso Shop. Oh wait I forgot, Vet Polish is now available in Feso Shop for 50,000feso each (<- rip off much?). Alright there, I fixed things ;D.

(PS: I don't know why am I writing this, because if we got 3.4 tomorrow after the update, all the effort is going to waste...). Mah, at least I give you something to read while waiting for maintenance over, No :P?


Kurai-tsurugi said...

Your effort isn't wasted! I never would have known about all these unchanges that they unmade. Although that's because i never really logged back in to Evora, lol. Keep up the good work! (b'.')b

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